Mainstream Sustainability with EcoImpact-COMPASS

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EcoImpact-COMPASS is the leading solution designed for packaging and sustainability professionals. During this webinar you’ll learn how a typical comparative packaging assessment company can use the software to manage and reduce the environmental impact of their packaging. Specifically, you will learn how companies:

  • Benchmark existing package portfolio
  • Identify hotspots and design better packages by simulating design alternatives 
  • Track and manage sustainable packaging goals
  • Rollup & report total package environmental footprint for corporate sustainability reports (CSR).

EcoImpact-COMPASS is a cradle to grave Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) with eight indicators. Conceived and created by the SPC, the software has now expanded to include many new materials, manufacturing processes and supports additional regions. Many new SPC member/customer-driven features like circularity index and dashboarding & analytics features have been added. EcoImpact-SCORE is an add-on solution that helps visualize and quantify tradeoffs and make comprehensive decisions.

Many SPC members (and non-members) use EcoImpact as an important and integral solution to manage their packaging sustainability. SPC members who wish to preview the benefits can receive a special two-month extended trial access to the software. Additionally, SPC members get a special discounted license price.

Olga Kachook
Moderator & Project Manager, SPC at GreenBlue

Olga Kachook is a Project Manager at GreenBlue, where she leads the Essentials of Sustainable Packaging courses and the Composting Collaborative. Her background includes expertise in compostable materials and packaging, zero waste facility certification, life cycle analysis, and sustainable materials management. Prior to joining GreenBlue, she led corporate sustainability and waste initiatives at World Centric, Etsy, Cascade Designs, and Cascadia Consulting. Olga has a Master of Environmental Management from Yale University’s School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the University of Washington. She is certified as a LEED Green Associate and a TRUE Zero Waste Advisor.


Prashant Jagtap
Moderator & President/CEO at Trayak

Prashant Jagtap founded Trayak with the vision of bringing sustainability mainstream. Trayak’s mission is to provide easy-to-use software solutions that enable design & manufacturing of sustainable products and packaging. For over 25 years Prashant has worked with leading international brands and global manufacturers from different industries to help improve their product and package development and launch processes.

As President/CEO of Trayak, he routinely consults with leading companies to reduce their product & package environmental footprints. He has conducted many workshops and webinars on the use of screening Life Cycle Analysis and Sustainability Scoring to simulate, reduce, track and report on environmental footprints.

Prashant holds a Master’s in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from UMASS at Amherst, MA and an MBA from Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH.