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FlexPack Recovery Challenge

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) and The Center for the Circular Economy at Closed Loop Partners collaborated on the FlexPack Recovery Challenge, an open competition launched in October 2018 for entrepreneurs and startups to submit new ideas for reprocessing technologies capable of recovering multi-material flexible packaging waste.

The production of multi-material flexible packaging is growing exponentially, but there are a lack of recycling and recovery options. So we teamed up to look for new innovations that will allow flexible packaging comprised of several materials to be recovered and re-used or re-processed for use in making new packaging or other products.


Five finalists were selected to come to SPC’s spring event, SPC Impact, and present to an audience of brands and suppliers from SPC’s member network.

Startups and entrepreneurs from all over the world entered the Challenge with a wide variety of recovery technology and business models. The finalists selected are representative  of the geographical and technological scope of innovators working to solve the problem of recovery options for multi material flexible packaging, including mechanical recycling, delamination and chemical conversion technologies.  Working with academic and industry advisors, Closed Loop Partners and the SPC selected the following companies as finalists:

  • EcoGlobal

  • Cadel De-Inking

  • RenewELP

  • Synova-BioBTX

  • Renewlogy

Read our full press release about the finalists

All finalists presented at a dedicated Showcase and were given networking opportunities, feedback from brands and experts, and featured communications on the Center for the Circular Economy’s website under its Packaging vertical with significant investor reach as well as featured communications on the SPC’s website with significant packaging industry reach.

Among the five finalists, ReNewELP was selected as the final Challenge winner. RenewELP will receive a free year of membership to the SPC and enter into a mentorship program jointly run by the SPC and Closed Loop Partners. 

Q&A with Richard Daley, of ReNewELP

From left: Adam Gendell (SPC), Tristanne Davis (SPC), Richard Daley (RenewELP), Kate Daly (Closed Loop Partners).


The SPC and CLP believe that all of technologies presented by the finalists represent the kinds of diverse solutions needed for recovery of flexible packaging. We look forward to staying in touch with all the finalists and tracking and promoting their progress.

Special thanks to our sponsors, judges, and advisors!

Challenge sponsors:


  • Adam Gendell, Associate Director, SPC
  • Tristanne Davis, Project Manager, SPC
  • Ellen Martin, VP Impact and Strategic Initiatives, Closed Loop Partners
  • Kate Daly, Executive Director, Center for Circular Economy, Closed Loop Partners


  • Brad Rodgers, R&D Director – Discovery, PepsiCo Food Packaging
  • Rachel Goldstein, Global Sustainability Reporting Senior Manager, Mars, Incorporated
  • Ed Kosior, Honorary Professor at Brunel University London, at the Wolfson Materials Processing Centre. Fellow at The Society of Plastics Engineers
  • Tim Goven, Recycling Commercial Director, The Dow Chemical Company
  • Jennifer Ronk, NA Sustainability and Advocacy Manager, The Dow Chemical Company
  • Charles David Mathieu-Polin, Corporate Advisor – Environment and Sustainability, TC Transcontinental
  • Additional Closed Loop Partners and Sustainable Packaging Coalition staff

Innovation Partners:

Members of the SPC’s Multi-Material Flexible Recovery Industry Leadership Committee  including:

And an additional thank you to Ubuntoo, who helped us identify many of the finalists.

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