SPC Immerse

May 7, 2020 Brooklyn

What to Expect at SPC Immerse: A Sustainable Packaging Bootcamp

Unpacking What Makes Packaging Sustainable

At SPC’s first sustainable packaging bootcamp, attendees will engage in defining what sustainability means to them, their goals, and their vision for a cleaner future. Attendees will walk away with the tools and knowledge necessary to revolutionize business models to be more sustainable. 

Are you ready to create packaging that is sourced sustainably and fully recyclable or even reusable? Whether you’re a packaging designer, a sustainability professional, or an entrepreneur looking to innovate, today’s world demands a deep understanding of the pitfalls and successes of sustainable packaging. This bootcamp will provide the tools and knowledge you need to leapfrog the challenges to hit your sustainability goals.

Real-world example focused, you’ll gain insight into how the biggest CPG companies, food and beverage brands, and multinational retailers are transforming unrecyclable packaging with recoverable, regenerative materials. 

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This bootcamp is about people as much as content: industry-expert instructors, insightful content, and peer-driven learning from team exercises. The SPC team and its development partners bring extensive knowledge in today’s recycling challenges, consumer trends, and the latest innovations.

Immerse will fast track your sustainable packaging journey. We’ll create a launchpad of knowledge, then give you the tools you need to implement what you’ve learned. 

The Immerse Workbook will be your companion guide to organizing the day’s takeaways. With key reference material and note-taking space, you’ll use it to translate what you’ve learned into a blueprint for action. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Today’s critical consumer trends and regulatory drivers shaping the packaging industry
  • How to set ambitious yet achievable sustainable packaging goals
  • How to consider the tradeoffs for sourcing different materials and optimizing design
  • How to navigate sustainability certifications and on-product messaging and labeling 
  • New frontiers for plastic, including chemical recycling and innovations in bioplastics 
  • Circularity for packaging, with new models like reusable packaging to close the loop

Tools for success! 

  • Expert instructors
  • Bootcamp workbook
  • Networking with peers and suppliers

SPC Engage London 2019 Workbook