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2019 SPC Innovator Award: Innovation in Responsible Sourcing finalist

Envision Plastics: Food Grade Postconsumer Recycled Gaylord Liners

Envision Plastics partnered with bag manufacturer Multiplast Systems, Inc. to create new gaylord liners using up to 40% of Envision Plastics’ EcoPrimeTM line of postconsumer recycled HDPE. The gaylord liners are suitable for direct food contact applications and have helped Envision Plastics make progress as a participant in APR’s Recycling Demand Champions program.

Why it’s important:

When a customer purchases recycled resin from Envision Plastics, it can be packaged in a liner that also uses recycled resin! Moreover, there is growing emphasis placed on the use of postconsumer recycled plastics in transport packaging and other “back of house” applications where aesthetic requirements are less stringent and variability in performance characteristics can be more easily accommodated. These gaylord liners are a perfect example of the type of application that can be scaled to provide meaningful demand to strengthen our recycling systems.

Original submission:

“25% PCR Mailer”

What impact on sustainable packaging has this submission made?

Inspired by the APR Demand Champion program, Envision Plastics looked to add more PCR into our internal packaging. We partnered with Multiplast Systems Inc. to create a food grade Gaylord Liner using our very own EcoPrime. EcoPrime is natural colored, post-consumer HDPE made primarily from recycled milk, juice and water jugs that can be used at up to 100% in direct food contact applications.

Multiplast Systems Inc. was successfully able to replace nearly 40% of the virgin plastic with EcoPrime into our Gaylord liners. Envision Plastics is now using this food grade Gaylord liner with 40% PCR content exclusively at both of our recycling plants. To further the sustainable attributes of these pcr liners, we are experimenting with light weighting and are seeing encouraging results with liners that use 20% less plastic.

Envision Plastics and Multiplast Systems Inc. invite all companies to make this seamless switch to these Gaylord liners. This innovation is available today in the market for all to use.

Additionally, this project has paved the way for an abundance of other innovations including high quality converter grade film for diapers and paper goods packaging for Seventh Generation.

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