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2019 SPC Innovator Award: Innovation in Responsible Sourcing finalist

Envision Plastics & Crown Poly: Oceanbound Plastic Reusable Bag

Envision Plastics and Crown Poly worked together to design a plastic shopping bag that incorporates up to 40% OceanBound plastic, which is collected from “at risk” zones like Haiti before it risks entering waterways. The bag meets California requirements for thickness and postconsumer recycled content.

Why it’s important:

Using postconsumer recycled content is always an important means of providing “pull through” on our recycling systems, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and decoupling plastic packaging from virgin plastic feedstocks. Using Envision Plastic’s OceanBound plastic y encourage plastics recycling in regions where it’s needed most. Incorporating any postconsumer recycled content in thin films can be a challenging undertaking, so Envision Plastics and Crown Poly deserve credit for making it happen!

Original submission:

“Crown Poly-Envision Plastic Oceanbound Plastic Reuseable Bag”

What impact on sustainable packaging has your submission made?

Reusable bags in California are required to have 20% PCR content in them and 40% PCR content by 2020. Crown Poly has taken this mandate to the next level, by partnering with Envision Plastics to use Oceanbound Plastic as our PCR content in Hippo Sak Oceanbound Plastic Reusable Bags. Oceanbound plastic is plastic from “at risk” zones like Haiti that is collected and diverted that would otherwise go into our ocean. These “at risk” coastal zones, primarily in third world countries, contribute an estimated 12 million metric tons of plastic waste to our oceans each year.

Crown Poly Oceanbound Plastic Reusable Bag is not only reducing bag usage by being a reusable grocery bag, but is reducing the amount of plastic going into our ocean.
As much as consumers understand Recycled Content, and as much as Post Consumer Recycled Content is conceptually understood as well, a real solution to the Plastic Pollution problem is happening with Crown Poly Reusable Bag with Oceanbound Plastic. It is simple for shoppers to understand, and it is a positive real solution for our industry.

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