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SPC Collaboratives bring together subgroups of SPC members who have shared interests in a specific topic in sustainable packaging and regularly convene to discuss or deliberate this topic. The shared goal of all SPC Collaboratives is to help guide SPC members and the industry at large on navigating and addressing sustainable packaging challenges by working together to share knowledge, identify key opportunity areas, uncover and compile key learnings and, where applicable, lay out best practices.

Collaboratives serve as conduits for knowledge transfer and awareness among SPC members, key platforms to establish and share best practices and learnings on topics in sustainable packaging, and forums to promote partnerships and supply chain collaboration by connecting members to one another on topics of interest. Collaboratives serve as a key point of interaction between the SPC and its members and also provide important insights that help inform other SPC activities.

Healthcare Packaging Completed

Healthcare Packaging

This Collaborative studied the challenges and opportunities related to making more sustainable packaging for the healthcare industries.

Foodservice Packaging Completed

Foodservice Packaging

This Collaborative studies the challenges and opportunities related to making packaging in the foodservice industry more sustainable, including composting.

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