Electronics Packaging

The SPC's Industry Leadership Committee examining the unique packaging challenges faced by the electronic and tech product sector.

Led by Adam Gendell, Associate Director, SPC and Caroline Cox, Project Associate, SPC

Co-Chaired by Kyla Fisher

Electronics packaging faces unique challenges in the fast moving consumer goods industry. Increased consideration must be given to electrostatic discharge, increased risk of theft or damage, and protection of sometimes heavy and always fragile items. Clean rooms and other regulatory requirements place additional expectations on this packaging format over and beyond that of food or other consumer products. This Industry Leadership Committee has been developed to discuss the unique challenges facing electronic packaging designers and to create a unique environment for collaboration and innovation in order to drive sustainable change.

In the first phase of this Industry Leadership Committee we intend to explore the recovery options for electro-static discharge (ESD) bags. ESD bags are designed to prevent the discharge of electrostatic energy which can occur through the process of transport. Static discharge has the potential to destroy semi-conductors and other essential electronic components. The application of metal foils to a paper or plastic bag create a protective barrier to prevent the transmission of static energy, however the mixed materials hinders recovery options. The electronics industry is growing an average growth of 2-5% per year and addressing the challenge of recovery could have a significant impact on the sector’s environmental footprint.

Additional projects may include evaluating:

  • Impact of polystyrene bans and restrictions on transportation packaging
  • Access to packaging materials across global supply chains
  • The role of e-commerce shipping on electronics packaging
  • Education and awareness exploring the unique challenges facing electronics packaging