Cold Chain Packaging

This working group is focused on finding sustainable solutions to the growing market of cold chain packaging.

Led by Adam Gendell, Associate Director, SPC and Caroline Cox, Project Associate, SPC

Co-Chaired by Quint Marini, UPS and Amy House, Coldkeepers

Cold chain packaging is experiencing rapid growth due to the increasing popularity of meal kits and pharmaceuticals that require temperature control during shipping. While embracing these products, consumers and some stakeholder groups have voiced their concerns about the amount of waste, lack of recycling options, and potentially harmful materials included in their packaging.

Recognizing this is an issue for continued growth of products that rely on cold chain packaging, stakeholders across this supply chain feel there is an immediate need to help educate the marketplace on what sustainable cold chain packaging looks like and where there are opportunities for innovation.

The Cold Chain Packaging Working Group’s objectives are to:

  • Bring together stakeholders in the space to address challenges and opportunities
  • Develop a guidance document for sustainable cold chain packaging
  • Use this foundation to identify opportunities for innovation
  • Facilitate an ongoing conversation about what sustainability and innovation in cold chain packaging would look like
  • Apply the SPC methodology of providing sustainability guidance with a material neutral, science-based, pragmatic, and objective approach.

The Cold Chain Packaging Working Group is dedicated to evaluating a constructive and actionable set of considerations, rather than choosing one material type over another.

Contact Adam Gendell to be a part of this Industry Leadership Committee and join the group’s quarterly conference calls.