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SPC Entrepreneur Challenges

SPC is always keeping tabs on what is happening in the world of sustainable packaging innovation. Within our own membership, we host the SPC Innovator Awards. Outside our membership, we look to identify what is happening in the entrepreneurial community through hosting challenges and showcases on specific topics of interest to our members for start-ups, universities, and individuals. Check out our challenges below.

SPC Protective Packaging Design Challenge

Protective packaging should prevent damage to the product during transport, while also performing well across a range of other sustainability criteria, however this type of packaging does not often perform well in terms of both performance and broader sustainability. This Challenge was open to start-ups, individual or university entrepreneurs and invited them to submit their innovations in protective packaging materials and systems that embody excellence in: Responsible sourcing, Optimized and efficient use of materials, Recoverability, Market feasibility. Working with our partners at Ubuntoo, Closed Loop Partners, and RILA, five were selected, representing a diversity of innovations ranging from reusable packaging to different types of renewable, recoverable materials.

FlexPack Recovery Challenge

The production of multi-material flexible packaging is growing exponentially, but there are a lack of recycling and recovery options for this type of packaging. This Challenge sought to find innovations that allow flexible packaging comprised of several materials to be recovered and re-used or re-processed for use in making new packaging or other products.  Working with our partners at Ubuntoo and Closed Loop Partners, five finalists and one final winner were selected. These finalists represent mechanical as well as different kinds of chemical recycling technologies able to process multi-material flexible packaging and create new end markets.


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