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2020 SPC Innovator Awards
Innovation in Design Optimization Winner:

Revamped Bicycle Packaging


YFYJupiter addressed a category of bulky products that is being shipped more than ever due to the rise of e-commerce but has gone 50 years without significant change in the established package design thinking.  YFYJupiter created a new and improved design that reduced the number of different materials used from six down to four and reduced the number of individual packaging components from an astounding 67 to just 13.

The Importance:

This company leaned into a formidable design challenge and emerged with a sophisticated, simpler design with tremendous gains in material efficiency. By using creative design thinking and skilled engineering, YFYJupiter found innovative ways to use corrugated components and dramatically simplify packaging for a product with complex needs.

“The bicycle industry has not changed its packaging in 50 years”, said Eric Abraham, Director Sustainability, YFYJupiter, “If everyone has to think outside the box, maybe it is the box that needs fixing.” 

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