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Education and Outreach

As part of the SPC's education and outreach, it holds several in-person and online meetings and educational events a year. The SPC believes it will require collaboration throughout the supply chain to affect the change needed to realize sustainable packaging. As a result, the SPC continually looks for opportunities to advance its mission through participation in and hosting of conferences and meetings.


February Open Forum


February Open Forum: Recycling Carton's Holy Grail
February 28th, 3-4 p.m. EST
SPC Members Only

Greg Archambault
President of Fox River Fiber

Recycling gable top cartons, aseptic packaging and cups has advanced with the help of creative modifications to current recycling operations.  Now with increased collection there is the ability to put more post-consumer fiber back into the fiber basket.  The Holy Grail would be to be able to put this and other post-consumer fiber back into food packaging grades.  This Grail has been found and we will discuss how it was accomplished for all conditions of use, under a FDA letter.