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Education and Outreach

As part of the SPC's education and outreach, it holds several in-person and online meetings and educational events a year. The SPC believes it will require collaboration throughout the supply chain to affect the change needed to realize sustainable packaging. As a result, the SPC continually looks for opportunities to advance its mission through participation in and hosting of conferences and meetings.


SPC Open Forum - Communication Plan to Promote Consumer Awareness of the Value of Packaging


Wednesday, May 7, 2014
11:00 am - 12:00 pm EDT

This webinar will focus on research sponsored by Michigan State University's Center for Packaging Innovation and Sustainability. The research was intended to: a) determine whether consumers understand the value of packaging and the key functions it serves, and b) identify the key messages most capable of generating public support for the value of packaging. The research included three studies: eight focus groups between men and women in four geographically diverse locations across the US, a quantitative survey of 1000 consumers, and an experiment aimed at determining the power of sustainability messages. Based on these studies' results, a communication plan was created to use social media to increase brand loyalty among superfans (opinion leaders) with messages about all the things that packaging does, and can do, to encourage information sharing within social media networks. This presentation comes highly reccommended from the SPC's Industry Leadership Committee on Meaningful Marketing Claims.

William Donohue, Professor of Communication, Michigan State University
Dr. William A. Donohue is currently a distinguished professor of Communication at Michigan State University. Dr. Donohue has published extensively in the areas of conflict, communication, negotiation, and mediation while also conducting workshops and other intervention activities. His co-authored book, Framing Matters: Perspectives on Negotiation Research and Practice in Communication, provides a broad understanding of the role of framing in negotiation research. Dr. Donohue is a recent past president of the International Association for Conflict Management and is on the editorial board of several major journals.

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