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Education and Outreach

As part of the SPC's education and outreach, it holds several in-person and online meetings and educational events a year. The SPC believes it will require collaboration throughout the supply chain to affect the change needed to realize sustainable packaging. As a result, the SPC continually looks for opportunities to advance its mission through participation in and hosting of conferences and meetings.


SPC Open Forum- GS1 Standards for the Global Packaging Protocol System and Product Sustainability


Tuesday, July 16, 2013
11:00 am - 12:00 pm EDT

This webinar will give an overview of the GS1 System and describe GS1 process for creating and delivering standards – focusing on Global Data Synchronization with metrics developed by the Consumer Goods Forum.

Jim Bracken, Sustainability Director, GS1 Global Office
Jim manages the engagement with Sustainability Initiatives worldwide in association with colleagues from GS1’s network of offices. Prior to joining GS1 Jim was CEO of a Security Printing Company and also worked in international freight shipping and transport. 

Mike Mowad, Director of Global Standards, GS1
Mike manages the development and implementation of globally approved standards for improving product information flow and usage between trading partners (Product Master Data, Data Synchronization, Barcodes) in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Healthcare, and Sustainability sectors. 

Victor Bell, President of Environmental Packaging International
Victor founded Environmental Packaging International (EPI), a consultancy that advises global brandowners and retailers on a wide range of environmental packaging and product stewardship issues. He is currently serving on the Sustainable Packaging Coalition Executive Committee and has participated in the ISO Packaging Standard Committee and Global Protocol on Packaging Sustainability. Victor is also a co-chair on the GPPS and GS1 integration committee. 

To Attend
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