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Education and Outreach

As part of the SPC's education and outreach, it holds several in-person and online meetings and educational events a year. The SPC believes it will require collaboration throughout the supply chain to affect the change needed to realize sustainable packaging. As a result, the SPC continually looks for opportunities to advance its mission through participation in and hosting of conferences and meetings.


GreenBlue Partner Event: LCA Sustainable Product Design


Exclusive 15% Discount to members of GreenBlue projects, including the Sustainable Packaging Coalition

Designers already face the challenge of balancing performance and cost, but how can they incorporate environmental impact into existing processes when doing a design for the environment? Leading Product Design and Sustainability Directors from the electronics, consumer goods and industrial manufacturing sectors including Hewlett Packard, Dell, Nike and Johnson & Johnson will discuss this issue and more at a revolutionary new event organized by American Business Conferences. 

The LCA Sustainable Product Design Summit USA 2010 (October 26-17, 2010, Miami) will show how product designers can use complex tools such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to identify key impact areas and make decisions to most effectively reduce environmental impact in a simple, cost effective manner.

A copy of the full program and speakers listing are available online. The phenomenal line up of expert speakers at this unique event has already attracted leading solutions provider Sustainable Minds, as co-sponsors. Sustainable Minds are dedicated to operationalizing environmental sustainability into mainstream product design and manufacturing in an understandable, empowering and credible way. 

For further details, including how to register (and obtain your 15% discount), please visit the event website , email event organizers or call (1) 800 721 3915.